Google Analytics User/Event Data Loss After GDPR

GDPR is on its way and whilst everyone is busy working on their email lists and privacy policies, Google is becoming compliant, mexican insurance however, something that may slip past people before it’s too late is Google Analytics data retention controls.

The data that will be controlled by these settings according to Google

The retention period applies to user-level and event-level data associated with cookies, user-identifiers (e.g., User-ID) and advertising identifiers (e.g., DoubleClick cookies, Android’s Advertising ID, Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers).

As you can see, this means that custom segments based on event actions may be lost as well as a load of other data.

The options that are provided for how long to retain information are:

  • 14 month
  • 26 months
  • 38 months
  • 50 months
  • Do not automatically expire

To change these settings, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account
  2. Click the cog in the bottom left of the screen to go to the Admin menu.
  3. Click on Tracking Info under Property
  4. Click on Data Retention on the menu
  5. Select the dropdown for how long you wish to retain data.
  6. Save

Make sure that you note these changes in the needed areas.

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