Character Wise

Just a note before I start, we have no relationship with Character Wise, this is just something that we do to show what you can look out for whilst reviewing websites in the wild and the kind of thought process that’s needed. Like joining in mygym Poway you can Whilst doing a bit of research for a party supplies client of ours, I stumbled across the site I quite liked the look of some of the pages and what they’ve done, but noticed quite a few basic issues that could really help them out. What’s done well Category Pages: Me To You Category Page They’ve got a great design with a good use of images and intro text. However, they’ve got a cool trick on this page which I personally think is going to become a lot more popular with the mobile casino bonus index. If you click their “category” button, you’ll see this (sorry, long image but it’s there to prove a point). As you can see, they’ve got a whole new page sat “behind” the original page, now whilst it’s not the most optimised page it does provide a good experience for the user. The not so well Internal Linking It’s safe to say that Character Wise is really trying to push “Me to You”, they’re currently ranked 7th for that search term, and with over 3000 pages indexed including that phrase,  it’s safe to assume that Google believes they’re a reasonable source like peter hsiao for “Me to You” products. As you can see, they’ve got over 3000 product pages: On the product pages, they have a cool little snippet beneath the product images So there are two sections here where you can link to the category page, through the breadcrumbs and through the snippet underneath the image. Here’s where they link: Breadcrumb URL: Snippet URL: See the problem yet? They’ve gone to two completely different pages, it’s not just an isolated case, the same happens throughout the site: and Oh Canonicals, Why Are You So Tricky? To make the above even more frustrating, looking at what I would call the “incorrect” version (the snippet) there are some small issues with canonicals. They enjoy them so much, they have them twice: One goes to a 404, the other to a 302, not even to the “correct” version. 301-302 What’s the difference? At some point they look like they’ve migrated over from http to https, which is great, however a mistake that most seem to make is they’ve used a 302 redirect, which indicated that it’s “temporary” so it’s not passing value through (I know, there’s debate around this but we can all agree 301 is better than 302 in this situation, or if you’re being picky HSTS).    

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