About Presence Group Ltd

We’ve got a history of creating and improving websites. We’re a small company that tries to grow and build websites and offer quality experiences to everybody who purchases a service or browses one of our websites.

Some of our sites


A product search engine, with over 10,000,000 products. What started off as a small experiment cascaded into being approved as a Google Comparison Shopping Service.


Our project supporting learner drivers in getting an earlier driving test. Helping our customers move their tests up to months earlier, saving them time and money.

GTIN Search

Whilst building a price comparison platform for internal use. We decided to create a site that displayed a variety of information for the general public.

Who We Are

Thomas Harvey

With over 10 years of working with websites, starting off selling LED lightbulbs from his bedroom at the age of 15. He’s been keen to continuously improve his knowledge. Continuously creating and testing new projects with the goal of building worthwhile offerings to users.

Paulina Wlazel

Having one of the most important roles, Paulina leads everything customer service. Ensuring that every customer is looked after and any issue that arises is dealt with professionally and with the customer in mind.

Ehsan Kayani

Without Ehsan, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Whilst technically a freelancer he’s a core part of our team. Going above and beyond for any task that’s needed, working all hours of the day because he believes in what we’re wanting to build.

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